Farmington Maintenance Corporation

Meet the Board Member Nominees

2022 Term

Brenda Yates - Treasurer - Farmington resident since 2005. Newark, Delaware native. Retired and current caregiver for elderly family members. Interests: travel, photography, local community interests.

Brian Newirth - Secretary - Retired - Information Technology Background. Education: BS Penn State University / MBA Wilkes University. Interests: Penn State and Philadelphia Eagles football, biking, tennis, technology, kids and kidletts. Have served on other organization boards. Farmington Estates Maintenance Organization board member for the past several years.

Darrell FisherNo background provided by nominee.

Drew Gladulich - President - Resides on Gatewood Ct. with his wife Amanda and their two children. Enjoys doing yard work and spending time with his family. Graduated from the University of Tampa and currently owns and operates several businesses. Has been the President of the Farmington Maintenance Corporation since 2019 when the board was handed over from 395 Associates.

Jagan Devisetty - Resident of Delaware from 2000. Farmington resident since 2018. Education - Masters in Computer science. Currently working at JPMorgan Chase as a Technology Solutions Architect. Lives at 106 Hempstead Drive with his wife and 3 daughters. Loves sports, photography, movies, socializing with friends and hanging out with family.

James HutchinsonNo background provided by nominee.

Jeffrey GeshayNo background provided by nominee.

Jim Weldin - Open Space Supervisor - Resides at 86 Hempstead Drive. Moved in December 2005. Currently serving on the board overseeing the Open Space. Former President of the Perch Creek Maintenance Corporation. Retired police officer. Former Chief Code Enforcement Officer for New Castle County and helped start the Office of Community Governing which was intended to provide support to maintenance corporations in New Castle County. Currently work in the emergency management field. I also coach travel ball and High School baseball at First State Military Academy.

Jimmy Boykin - Vice-President - Currently serves as the Vice President for the Estates at Farmington Board. Leader within the energy industry delivering real estate and land acquisition solutions. Has worked in a variety of roles within residential and commercial markets delivering real estate and construction projects. Graduate of the University of Delaware and loves sports, traveling, being on the beach, playing golf, and hanging with his family. Lives on Crompton Ct. with his wife and 2 children Crew and Aspen.

Rinkin Patel - Assistant Vice-President - Education: MS Computer Engineering - Syracuse University. Interests: Cricket, Pool/Snooker, Technology.

Robert Magnotti - I am a lifelong resident of the State of Delaware having spent the majority of that time in New Castle County. During my residency in Smyrna, I served approximately five years on the Board of Directors of the Bombay Woods Maintenance Corporation with my primary responsibility as part of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). I received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology from the University of Delaware. I have been employed with New Castle County Government for nearly 21 years, the first three years in the Department of Land Use and the later years in Public Works. During my tenure in Land Use, I often performed inspections of private land development projects throughout different stages of construction. This required having knowledge of accepted practices of both the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) and New Castle County (NCC). Land Use worked closely with DNREC in developing standards for site inspections, as well as, plan review. My current position in Public Works, as a Civil Engineer I (CEI), requires me to review construction plans for code compliance. I have also been involved in a few  Capital Projects, those which are initiated on behalf of NCC primarily to address maintenance related issues or limitations in capacity. More recently I have participated in Open Space Inspections. These inspections ensure that all stormwater facilities and open space have not only been constructed per the approved plan, but are in good working condition prior to the transfer of ownership/responsibility to the homeowner’s association. Lastly, I am in a rotation with the other CEI’s in which one week out of each month I am responsible for fielding any concerns which arise from our Operations Section in performing their duties. This requires researching our data base for information, reviewing data acquired from our field crews and drawing from experience which will all be considered in recommending a remedial action.

Robert Staton - HOA board president experience

Samuel DowlingNo background provided by nominee.

Sara Brouwer - My family and I have lived in Farmington for about 8 years. I work in education now, but was at home with my children for 12 years, during which time I was a freelance editor. I care about Farmington and am happy for the chance to keep our neighborhood a friendly place to live. 

Shannah RubinNo background provided by nominee.

Stephen BrownNo background provided by nominee.

Thomas KielczewskiNo background provided by nominee.

Thomas MageeNo background provided by nominee.