Farmington Estates Community Block Party, Monday, September 2nd, 12 Noon till 6 PM. Rain date is Saturday, September 7th.  Sign up today!
***** Volunteer *****    Estates at Farmington Community Block Party Planning Committee will meet this coming Tuesday, August 13th at 6 PM at the Conservation Building. Please come to the meeting if you would like to volunteer for this event. Your help is very much appreciated!!!!
We need your contact information. Please complete the Contact Information Form if you have not yet done so.

Do you want an HOA Board that works for you? After many years, Estates at Farmington finally has an HOA Board. Right now, the HOA Board is focused on addressing the Community Deed Restrictions, because the Community Deed Restrictions need to be brought up to date and they are not enforceable by the Farmington HOA Board.

The Bylaws state that at least 75% of the residents must approve in order to change the Deed Restrictions. For this to happen we must be able to reach out to at least 75% of the homes in the development. For this to happen we must have contact information for our residents.

For the past few months efforts have been undertaken to get our resident’s contact information. The HOA Board has posted these requests on the Nextdoor App, Facebook, a new website,, and we have even gone door-to-door. Presently we are not at 75%, thus the HOA Board’s functionality is very much restricted.

The intent of this effort is so that the HOA Board can work for you, the Farmington Residents. To the folks that have provided the contact information, THANK YOU!

Once again, please complete the Contact Information Form if you have not yet done so. If you have questions, please reach out to the HOA Board. We hope to hear from you soon.


Estates at Farmington HOA Board

The Farmington Estates HOA Board of Directors is hosting a community block party on September 2nd , from 12:00 PM until 6:00 PM on Farmington Ave. The rain date is Saturday, September 7th. Please RSVP on the website in order to gather a proper headcount for refreshments. We hope to meet the residents and bring the community together for some fun and excitement! Residents are encouraged to bring a dessert.

Dear Resident of the Estates at Farmington, This is an exciting time for our community, the long awaited Home Owner Association process is quickly moving along! In March of this year, the Farmington Maintenance Corporation was transferred from 395 Associates to the residents of the Estates at Farmington. Residents submitted their votes and the board of directors was established. We have been working very hard to organize the Maintenance Corporation and we are pleased to provide you with an update. Read more…..


The Farmington board recommends switching your trash and recycling service to Evergreen Waste Services. We have been able to secure a price of $69 per quarter with no startup fees for weekly pickup of BOTH trash AND recycling. They also pick up one bulk item a week for free and can take yard waste.

There are currently 22 Farmington households using Evergreen. If 68 more households make the switch, all Farmington customers will get an automatic discount to $60 per quarter!

One of the board’s goals is to establish reliable communication within the community. We will be sending emails along with posting important information on our website and Facebook Page. Please visit our website We are requesting that residents provide their contact information on the website using the Contact Information Form. Rest assured, your contact information provided on the website is safe and strictly for communication purposes between you and the board. The official Facebook page is “Estates at Farmington Community.”