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A Letter to the Residents

     In November of 2020, the open space was formally turned over to the residents of the Estates at Farmington. This is an exciting time for the community with the open space being under the control of the Farmington Maintenance Corporation. In March, we held a community meeting and voted on the annual assessment of $300. In late April, we mailed every household a bill through the United States Postal Service in the amount of $300. If you did not receive your bill in the mail, please email estatesatfarmingtonboard@gmail.com or visit http://www.estatesatfarmington.org/ and contact the board through the website. We will promptly send you the bill once you reach out to the board. As a reminder, the due date for the assessment was June 1st, 2021. We appreciate all the residents that have already sent in their assessment. This is an exciting time for the community, and we look forward to maintaining the open spaces!
The Board of Directors
Farmington Maintenance Corporation

2021 Budget

Mailing Address

Farmington Maintenance Corporation
PO Box 1155
Bear, Delaware